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tisdag 6 augusti 2013

Brutal Attack & Bully Boys - Anthems with an attitude CD (2003)

RAC/Oi! from England & America
01. Brutal attack - Avenge or regret
02. Brutal attack - In your eyes
03. Brutal attack -My final vision
04. Brutal attack -Kill me now
05. Brutal attack -The green fields beyon
06. Brutal attack -The same old story
07. Bully boys - Battle of the highlands (intro)
08. Bully boys - Jail break
09. Bully boys - Skinhead superstar
10. Bully boys - Run away
11. Bully boys - Underdog
12. Bully boys - Pray for revolution
13. Bully boys - Battle of the highlands (outro)

Released by Panzerfaust Records in 2003.

Not the greatest record with a tired sounding Ken kicking of with Brutal Attack but the "b-side" is fucking killer with legendary Bully boys giving 3 of their most legendary songs.

Skinhead superstar (official video)

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