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söndag 18 augusti 2013

V/A - Thunder in the north Cassette (1994)

RAC/HC compilation from Canada
01. Ragnarok - In blood, in faith
02. White riot - Stomping time
03. Excessive force - Oh valhalla
04. Involved patriots - On its way
05. Odins law - White revolution
06. White riot - Victory
07. Excessive force - Stand up
08. Involved patriots - Vintage saga
09. Odins law - Eric banks lives on
10. Negative response - War on Geraldo

Released by White Terror Records in 1994

Some proper hateful lyrics here so unless your "openminded" about these things then stay away. Might not be the best stuff out there but it sure is rare. It's also quite interesting out of a collector standpoint since the respected HC band Negative Response features with a song on this quite controversial cassette (also i think some members where in White Riot).

War on Geraldo

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