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tisdag 17 juli 2012

Lyrics for Only the fake survive by Antonella's Klasse Kriminale

Antonella's past in the scene is a long trackrecord and unlike most other old dogs she can get away with proudly saying she's never been a soldier of fame or politics. After being the creator of the band Klasse Kriminale (where she wrota all the music 'till 1991) and playing in bands like Straw Dogs and Battle zone she finally got her well deserved respect last year as she released her first album in a long time with members from both Aceface and Strawdogs. This particular song is aimed at that original member that kept using the Klasse Kriminale name but turncoated it into a more political band (leftwinged).

Antonella's Klasse Kriminale

So many year's they have gone by
and stories i can't recognice
You took the glory, you love the fame
and you still play my songs today
So why are you still going on
look back at yesterday
We were a band for our homeland
yeah those days where really great

Only the fake survive
It's true
Only the fake survive
Just look at you

How much fun it must be
when you're re-writing history
You've changed your colours
through and through
So why can't people see through you
and why is it still going on
I can't see the glory
when you're living out a lie

Only the fake survive
It's true
Only the fake survive
Just look at you

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