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onsdag 11 juli 2012

Vengeance - Forward into war! LP (1988)

RAC/Oi! from UK
01. Forward into war!
02. Bulldog
03. Armed and dangerous
04. Fight for your life
05. Battle dressed in black
06. Hate you to death
07. I don't want to know
08. Working class hero
09. Wake up England
10. Out of the darkness

Released by Rock-O-Rama in 1988 and later re-released on CD in the 90's.

An Oi! band that seemed to change their sound overnight and as much as the rumours might say that the band only went from patriotism to nationalism because they got a big paycheck and a studio payed by some rich rightwinged leader i think the focus should be kept on the music.... which is fucking fantastic, and not at all as political as some might think. Few skinheadbands has been able to create such brutal waranthems as this band did. Battle dressed in black and Hate you to death are legendary fucking songs in my book. Screw Skrewdriver where are all the modern coversongs of this band?

4 kommentarer:

  1. One of my favorite bands too, but I disagree on the 'not that political' part. Some lyrics are pretty on the extreme. Out of the darkness: "..fire burning in your eyes, master race to rule the British, fight for your nation till you die"; Forward Into War: "..here comes the master race" and so on.

    One of the rawest voices in Oi tho, wish I could hear more of the same, not potential ruined on shitty Oicore or such.

    1. My bad. Probably wrote that in the wrong way, they are political and all that but the feeling i get from listening to them is completly differant than when i for instance listen to No remorse or the sort from the same era.

    2. Yeah, I get that feeling too sometimes, when slipping to the bands that act like their sole purpose is a political agenda through music. :)

  2. Vengeance were proud to be British, that's it. All 3 band members were patriotic, not Nazi, there is a difference. The band's principal aim was music. If they'd stayed together they would have been as big as Vicious Rumours