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fredag 27 juli 2012

Uncle trash - Demo (2011)

Acoustic folkrock from Netherlands
01. Feeling like a stranger
02. She aint mine
03. Old pictures and crossroads
04. Inked memories
05. Godver (outro)

(Note... that some of the songs in the download have the wrong name. The above is the correct names to the songs... just so you all know.)

In the veins of Badlands and Jenny Woo Uncle Trash plays acoustic rock with a "skinhead message". Might not be the best stuff i have heard but sure better than most songs by his female counterpart.

1 kommentar:

  1. hello,
    nice to see my music online...dont know where you got it from,cause it never been released and they are old hahaha..
    I sended you an email with a request,cause some song titles arent right...hope you change it.

    But thanks for this and the kind words. Cheers
    Uncle Trash aka Menno