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tisdag 3 juli 2012

Enhärjarna - The last stand CD (1995)

Viking rock/Punk from Sweden
01. Enhärjarna
02. Stolthet (Pride)
03. Starka band (Strong ties)
04. Forna hjältar (Ancient heroes)
05. Djärva tiden (Bold times)
06. Tor
07. Tusen själar av krig (A thousand souls of war)
08. Nordmännens raseri (Rage of the norsemen)
09. Gryning (Dawn)
10. Korpen flyger (The raven flies)
11. Odin
12. Patrioten (The patriot)
13. Bisarra stycke (Bizarre creature)
14. Våldtäkt (Rape)

Released by Last Resort Records in 1995.

A band with that had both Puncc from Battle Scarred and Bisson from Steelcapped Strength in their lineup through the years. Unlike most other viking rock this was a band that always spoke to me with their more brutal punksound.

Enhärjarna - Enhärjarna

2 kommentarer:

  1. Damn good band!!! A Viking Rock band with balls, not this stereotypical dull crap that's far too often played under this banner!!! Btw, is Viking Rock in Sweden really some sort of "scandinavian Redneck/Hillbilly music stuff"? In germany it's pretty often linked to Skinheads and some Punk, also drawing Psychos, so that's why I am asking.

    1. In fear of getting cowshit thrown at my appartment i will stear clear from answering. ALl i can say uis that the one viking rock show i went to mostly had Slipknot punks and "skinheads" with sneakers and "the south will rise" t-shirts. Enhärjarna and early Ultima Thule had a big skinfollowing though.