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fredag 24 maj 2013

No remorse - Smash the reds 7'' (1989)

RAC from England
01. Smash the reds
02. Race traitor

Released by Rebelles Européens in 1989.

Most probably know of this band but for those who don't beware this is far from your rightwinged skinhead noise. No Remorse where neo-nazis so therefore tread lightly and don't download if suncrosses and roman salutes makes your blood boil even now 70 years on. Anyway the first song is and will always be a classic song not only because it's an intense a proper good song but also because of the intresting story behind it that i think most people know by now.

No Remorse - Smash the reds

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hm, what story about?!? You made me curious about it, haha;-).

    1. Song was recorded after the incident in 1988 when B&H and a ton of known faces in the RAC scene (Ian Stuart among many) infiltrated an anti-facist show headlined by Angelic Upstarts. As soon as AU got up on stage 1/3 of the audience showed their true face and started saluting the stage calling the band down from stage to fight it out. Nobody came down from stage and bunch of people in the audience got kicked to bits. hink the audio in the beginning is taken from that same liverecording.

  2. Well no. The recording at the begining of the song is from a Redskins concert in 1984. That incident also inspired Ian Stuart to re-write the lyrics of the song Streetfight and re-record it.

    The gig is mentioned here:


    and also:

    http://www.bloodandhonourworldwide.co.uk/isd/bio/firsttenyears.html#Chapter Eight

    I think Bernardo is refering to The Main Event were Angelic Upstarts were playing, amongst many others such as Section 5, Condemned 84, Business and Vicious Rumours. That gig also ended in trouble.