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fredag 17 maj 2013

Haggis - Stormtroopers of hate CD (2003)

Punk/Oi!/Hardcore from Norway
01. More war!
02. History lesson #1
03. Stormtroopers of hate
04. The vikings are comming
05. 21 beers
06. Poor's a bore
07. Skinheads in the mist
08. Alle damer er horer (All women are whores)
09. Toss in the bin
10. This is our country
11. Joe Ramone
12. Look at me when i talk to you
13. Hammersmasher prostitute
14. Hate and war
15. Long black veil

Released by Pure Impact in 2003.

The nazi niggers from Norways first full-length. With their constant political incorrectness you'll either love them or hate them. Even if i liked their later singer better this album is one of my favourites from the early 00's

The vikings are comming (official video)

History lesson #1 (official video)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Haha, the Gay Skin par excellence video (a.k.a. "The Vikings are coming") ;-) . Cool band, always liked them even I was never that much a fan of their music, haha :-) !!!