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lördag 12 april 2014

Agent Bulldogg - Livsstil CD (1994)

Oi! from Sweden
01. Karl XII
02. Stick!
03. Stockholm Skinheads
04. Över havet
05. Livsstil
06. Ronny Öhman
07. Svea Rike
08. Tror du på det
09. Dödens ros
10. Farväl
11. Vad du en gång sa
12. Ultrasupa

Released by Coitus Productions in  1994.

Classic album from a legendary band. I also included the English booklet that came with the LP re-issue which explains all the lyrics. This way you don't have to see my crappy translations in the tracklist.

Karl XII (Musicvideo)

4 kommentarer:

  1. not an half bad record at all. btw did you happen to have the Sledge hammer album titled "Japanese Wolf"/ 日本狼 or something? thank you

    1. Yeah i have that one. A wierd little record since i think sledge hammer went under the name Tettsiu or something when they released that record. The record has always been known to me as "Nihon ookami" which i guess translates to Wolves of Japan or something like that. GOt it confirmed that this is the one though and i'll upload it sometime next week.

    2. thank you man :)