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onsdag 3 oktober 2012

The monsters - Youth against nature LP (1996) + videos

Punk/Garage rock from Switzerland
01. Burn my mind
02. I just wanna die
03. High heels and mini-skirts
04. Go away and fuck yourself
05. Take a trip to my grave
06. Cosmic belly dance
07. Voodoo love
08. Godzilla
09. Züri Brönnt (TNT cover)
10. Go away out of my brain
11. Juvenile delinquent
12. I'm a record junkie
13. My brother told me

Released by Record Junkie in 1996.

The bands departure from psychobilly into their more surfy punksound. Even has a slight feeling of grunge that was big at this time. What a superb record!

Record junkie

High heels and mini-skirt (live in 2011)

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