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söndag 28 oktober 2012

Dims Rebellion & The Dontcares - Hellsplit Vol.1 CD (2004)

Punk/Speed rock from Sweden
01. Dims rebellion - No one
02. Dims rebellion - Kill yourself
03. Dims rebellion - In my bed
04. Dims rebellion - Without you
05. Dims rebellion - So low
06. Dims rebellion - Fade away (bluegrass version)
07. The dontcares - Dead generation
08. The dontcares - Veins full of venom
09. The dontcares - Spit in the ass
10. The dontcares - Full tilt
11. The dontcares - Die die die
12. The dontcares - Going going...
13. The dontcares - Burnher

Released by Kjell hell Records in 2004.

Dims rebellion was one of my favourite bands some 6 years ago. They started out as an Oi! band and frequented the whole Ska/Oi! scene in Stockholm. After a while they moved over to playing more pop punk (or Emoi! as one of my friends branded them) but still played the hell out of the hardliner bands. Way above most other bands musically even in this later sound.
The dontcares is a band i never really understood but they do allright on this record i guess. They can best be described as a mixture between Hellacopters and Antiseen with a little bit of speedmetal sprinkled on top (i think Brianguy will like them).

Dims rebellion - Without you

4 kommentarer:

  1. Oh yeah I know about the Don'tcares and you know my musical taste well, I think they are a kickass band, so I am looking forward to downloading and listening to this.


    Brian Guy

  2. with you all the way on this one DIMS old stuff in my opinion is so solid, and great, (the self titled 7in) but they really changed there sound over the years its not bad it was just unexpected. Please post more Swedish records keep waiting and hoping for you to post another unknown (to me on the east coast of the US anyway) brilliant record like warheads and bands like dims rebellion


    1. To be honest i am quite unintrested in Swedish Oi! since i think it all sounds to much the same (and to nice) so i mainly listen to pure punkrock from Sweden. Though some bands really stand apart and i will try to upload some more Swedes the comming weeks.

  3. offline, can you upload again?