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fredag 2 november 2012

Quick and the dead - Kicking into 82 Cassette (1981)

Oi! from Australia
01. Take a chance
02. Boots and braces
03. Three years on the dole
04. I hate your sister
05. Skinhead blues
06. Hurry up Harry! (Sham 69 cover)
07. Stepping stone (The monkees cover)
08. Womans liberation
09. National service
10. Child molester
11. I dont like you (Skrewdriver cover)
12. Somebody´s going to get their head kicked in tonight (cover)

Soundquality is awefull and the singer sounds way to drunk to be socially accepted even in an Oi! band. Even so the cassette is rare and well worth a listen for their take on I dont like you alone. For Oi! diehards only.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Great post! I wish I could find their Another Violent Night 7" for sale

  2. This wasn't that bad, the Sham 69 cover has to be one of the worst cover songs I've ever heard. The intro to the Skrewdriver song was hilarious doesn't sound like they know how to count very well or were just too drunk to count to twenty. The baby crying on "child molester" went on way to long as did the marching boots on "National Service."

    Over all for a bad little cassette. Vocals could have been mixed better but this is punk and Oi not top 40. "National Service" was my favourite song.


    Brian Guy