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fredag 2 november 2012

The outfit - This one's on us LP (2002)

Oi! from Denmark
01. No penalty hard enough
02. Our royal prince
03. Blind date
04. Rumours carry more weight than fact
05. Skinhead
06. Pay day
07. Living on the dole
08. Student
09. Junkie scum
10. Stairs to fame
11. Let the world go round
12. Skinflick model
13. Murphy's

Released by Bords De Seine in 2002.

An LP i picked up at the local vintage store (still dont have a clue who sells all these Oi! records, it's not a big town). Not really my cup of tea but the few songs that are good are great. Still cant get around the bands logic when they place their song "Living on the dole" about being on welfare before their song "Student" about their hate for people who use taxmoney for higher education.... So it's ok to watch TV and do nothing when unemployed but as soon as you try to further yourself its wrong? With that statement it's quite clear that the bandmembers never persued any higher education.

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