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lördag 11 augusti 2012

White noise - The first assault LP (1989)

Oi!/RAC from Australia
01. Clockwork violence
02. Army song
03. Rebels
04. Paranoid
05. Psycho
06. Head kicked in (cover)
07. Weekend binge
08. Culture shock
09. We don't need it
10. Sick mind
11. Riot
12. Reaper

Released by Rock-O-Rama in 1989.

A superb band with a sad faith they brought upon themselfs. Just like early Brutal attack it has a political edge but nothing really to extreme and if they would have called themselfs Riot Noise or something else instead and skipped track 2&8 this LP would have been hailed as an Oi! classic today. As it turned out this LP is just another "nazirecord" in the line of many burried under the PC-sands of time. Believe the hype, give it a shot, it's well worth it.

Sick mind

2 kommentarer:

  1. The singer sounds like Lemmy at times. For a RAC band I thought this was pretty tame and seemed to be a lot about how you are viewed by others. Not what I was expecting at all.

    Thanks for posting.


    Brian Guy