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torsdag 9 augusti 2012

V/A - Yashima no jinari CD (2003)

Oi!/Metal/HC comp from Japan
01. Resshin - Yamato nihon kokoro iki
02. Jinrai - Mio no kaze
03. Brave - Junshin
04. Brave - Blood of the wolf
05. Yoroi - Mondou muyou
06. Garou - Futabi saku sakura yo
07. Shishimaru - Dokuro
08. Shishimaru - Senkura
09. New dawn - Hiroki sora no shita
10. Empi - Bosyuu ni omomuku

Released by Hata-Age Records in 2003.

Probably the best intro to a record ever. Most of these bands are to damn good to be ignored just because of speachbarriers.

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