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tisdag 14 augusti 2012

Perkele - Göteborg 7'' (2003)

Oi!/Punkrock from Sweden
01. Göteborg (Gothenburg)
02. Sanningen (The truth)
03. Du fattar ingenting (You don't get it)

Released by Blind Beggar in 2003.

According to the bandphotos in the EP their bassplayer (Chris) is a fat white guy.... good record though.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Can't stand this band today anymore, they became so ridiculous in some ways, just read current interviews with them (at least in german zines)... but still good music even nothing current of them beats their older stuff like "No Shame", "Stories from the past" and this EP, so great of you for putting it up. Cheers & Oi!

  2. They went from a socially aware Oi! band with heavy influences from early Skrewdriver to a.......i dont know how the hell one can explain the sound they have today. Lolliponk one of my friends call it and that sort of nails it i guess. Though their new sound suits their lifestyle better what with all the workingclass lyrics 2 of them wrote back then while sitting at their comfy desks at Posten HQ Guthenborg haha.