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söndag 26 augusti 2012

Derrick Morgan - Moon hop LP (1970)

SKA/Reggae from UK
01. Night at the hop
02. Oh babe
03. Let's have some fun
04. Man pon moon
05. Just a little lovin'
06. Moon hop
07. Derrick top the pop
08. Give me lovin'
09. The story
10. This aint my life
11. Wipe these tears
12. Telephone

Released by Pama Records in 1970.

As hard as knowing what nationality to give this record i think he lived in Britain during this time (used to live in the states before) although he was still a Jamaican citizen (right?).
A nice and mellow rocksteady album way better than the political bullshit reggae he released in the late 70's.
A big file but a great rip so well worth it.

Oh baby

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