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tisdag 21 augusti 2012

No tag - Can we get away with it? LP (1982)

Punk/Oi! from New Zealand
01. Doc Martens
02. Wink, wink
03. Secret mission
04. Live in sin
05. Hang on
06. Legalised dogs
07. Fire on the 5th floor
08. Critics
09. Pub song
10. The thrash
11. Mistaken identity
12. To be
13. No tag
14. What a great country this is

Released by Propeller Records in 1982.

Thanks to Rioux for sending the album.
Even though the album consists of liverecordings from The Reverb Room in Auckland it's quality and lack of any other releases (except that EP) makes it count as a proper studioalbum in my book atleast. A damn great album and probably the best band out of New Zealand.

Mistaken identity (live)

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