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onsdag 8 augusti 2012

Legion 88 - Terroristes 7'' (1987)

RAC from France
01. Terroristes
02. Vaincre

Released by Rebelles Européens in 1987.

Brutal and bonecrushing sound with an evil and distant bassline going all the EP through. Militant music for the politically incorrect but also one of my favourite French EP's of any genre.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hey Bernando, what's this? Legion 88 = Legion "Heil Hitler"? Isn't it then not maybe ''a little bit'' too euphemistic to just call them ''politically not correct'', while it's instead of this just openly radical/extremist far right stuff: WP/NS/Fascist Rock? (And with being this isn't it then not maybe also again pretty politically corret but just from the other side of the political panoply, with being totally conform with the there ruling ''Weltanschauung''?!? Things should never been painted too much in just black and white, no matter from which part of the political array it now comes, it makes things way far too easy and benfits way too much the small and closed minded of both- if not even more- sides out there...) I always think that ''stuff'' of all kinds should be named correct and proper instead of ''white washing'' (yes, double meaning behind it in this formal context)things?!?
    Anyhow, if the music is good or not is then another point... and the bass surely is pretty cool, of course.
    And that listning to ''red music'' isn't turning you into a revolutionary fighter for workers rights as well as listening to WP/NS/Fascit Rock isn't making automatically a soldier of the fourth reich out of you we all should know as well about.
    Btw, would be petty cool to see also some more New as well as Minimal Wave and EBM stuff up here, pretty cool shit you've posted so far, a lot of it totally unknown to me before, so THANX very muh for closing this lack, man.
    - Manslaughter Andy

    1. To be honest i dont know a word Frensh so to me this isnt politicall at all. I couldnt care less if they want to bring ont he third reich agin since i only listen to their music and dont attend none of their meetings.
      Like you said it's only music, and there will be a lot more just like i. Not because it's fascist music but because its good.
      I dont judge anyone by their political views so i hope people dont judge me for my taste in music.