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lördag 12 oktober 2013

William Onyeabor - Tomorrow LP (1979)

Funk/Afrobeat from Nigeria
01. Tomorrow
02. Why go war?
03. Love me now
04. Fantastic man
05. Try and try

Released by Wilfilms Records in 1979.

I can't really say that "afrobeat" as i understand it's called is anything i am into in generally but this guy's various LP's has been spinning like madness at home the last week.
William moved from the oppression in Russia back to his motheland Nigeria and was one of the pioneers of the "nigerian sound". Thats all some fancy information to me but all i can say is that no other track than Fantastic Man with it's awesome "Judge Dread-flutes" has ever given me such a strong urge to wear hippypants, hawaii shirts, goldchains and doing cocaine at some disco in Manhattan.

Better change your mind (not on this LP)

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