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fredag 1 februari 2013

Death in june - Heaven street EP 12'' (1981)

New wave/Gothic from England
01. Heaven st.
02. In the night time
03. We drive east

Released by New European Recordings in 1981.

Before the band became to artsy/hipster for my taste they actually delivered some dark quite spooky rock. This particulair record got a bit of a reputation because of it's neo-fascist imagery, a song supposedly dedicated to the German soldiers fighting in Russia (We drive east) and the fact that a member was a member of British National Party, which in my oppinion makes the music even more intresting.

Heaven st (with lyrics)

4 kommentarer:

  1. This and Guilty Have No Pride were the best.

    1. Like most other bands threading into the the gothic areas of rock have always found this band to be uneven. Their more ambient and experimental stuff go way over my head but at the same time these more onpoint songs deliver in a special way. Favourite song for me must be "Death of the west" from their (i think) first LP.

    2. "Death of the West" is great and the lyrics are so as well, love it, but even more I really love the brilliant "All pigs must die" song, amazing!!!